Friday, May 11, 2018

Adding drivers to Windows 10 IoT Core at Runtime Using Windows Device Portal

While I was compiling some Windows 10 IoT Core 1709 images, I made a small typo in an input file that resulted in one of the BSP drivers not being included in the image.  Instead of compiling the whole thing immediately, I stumbled upon an easy way to add a driver to a compiled image and make sure I had the correct one.

  1. Use inf2cab from the iot-adk-addonkit to create a CAB file: inf2cab c:\temp\driver\driver.inf Driver.MyDevice
  2. Navigate to Windows Device Portal | Windows Update
  3. Select "Choose Files", navigate to the CAB and click Install
  4. Reboot

Using this method, it was easy for me to see that I had messed up the input file versus having the incorrect device driver and incorporate a fix into my next set of builds.

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