Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Things In My Lab - Raspberry Pi 3 and Windows 10 IoT Core For Digital Signage

Recently, I wrote an short post on using Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi devices for Digital signage.  I wanted to detail a little bit more about what hardware I use for testing in the lab.

I have a SmartiPi Touch and Raspberry Pi setup in the home lab, which is really neat for giving demos and quickly testing stuff- as long as I don't need smooth video playback.  It is small and also shows what the UI looks like at a lower resolution

Otherwise, I use our Now Micro IoT Player 4k, since I can quickly PXE boot it and reimage for greenfield testing.  Prior to that product release, I used a variety of Intel BayTrail based devices, depending on what I was trying to accomplish at the time.

Overall, the IoT Player 4k is a lot faster and easier to work with when debugging UWP apps, but having a second monitor with me isn't always convenient.

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