Friday, November 3, 2017

Simple Webserver for Windows 10 IoT Core

Recently, I needed a small web server for a project I was working on.  I needed to run it in a UWP background task on Windows 10 IoT Core, so my options were a bit limited.

The ms-iot/samples repository has quite a few gems.  In particular, the IoTBlocky Sample has a very basic web server called SimpleWebServer.  I ended up adding some support for parameters, but otherwise was very happy about how fast I got a web server hosted in my code.

The one deficiency is the lack of SSL support:

StreamSocket object can be configured to use SSL/TLS for communications between the client and the server. This support for SSL/TLS is limited to using the StreamSocket object as the client in the SSL/TLS negotiation. You cannot use SSL/TLS with the StreamSocket created by a StreamSocketListener when incoming communications are received, because SSL/TLS negotiation as a server is not implemented by the StreamSocket class.

I was hoping I was incorrect about this, but I haven't found any evidence to the contrary.  With .NET Standard 2.0, I hope to find something else I can include instead.

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  1. There is now SSL support on incoming connection with .Net Standard 2,